Nowy Styl 4ME


Ergonomics and comfort – obviously they were inspirations for Martin Ballendat while designing the 4ME line. The armchair is a perfect example of how top-grade design can be combined with functionality.



The unique backrest design is one of the most interesting and fascinating elements of the 4ME product range. Besides the design itself takes inspiration from the branches of a tree, it also provides the ulitmate back support.


The S-MOVE mechanism with the SELF system automatically adapts to the user’s weight, making it possible to adjust the chair to their parameters. The mechanism is characterised by a multi-dimensional movement of the seat during use, which is a huge advantage. This movement stimulates rotational movements of the pelvis, which reduces the pressure exerted on vertebrae and discs.


The most characteristic feature of 4ME is its unique backrest. The shape of the backrest fastening is not only about interesting design – it is also an important functional element. Thanks to the inner structure, the backrest can follow every move of its user easily. The four-point support ensures even distribution of force when leaning back and the specially designed spherical handles provide additional shock absorption as the backrest moves.


“Martin Ballendat has been a successful designer for 25 years now.
Since 1995 he has been running his own design studio in Upper Austria. He has also opened his second studio in Germany. He has been working for famous brands from over 10 countries. His projects have been internationally acclaimed – in his career, he has been given more than 100 awards, including 17 Red Dot awards.”



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